USA or UK – which is better for a work visa?

I’ve got a job offer in Singapore, but to be honest I really want to move to either the USA or the UK. I’ve had holidays and traveled to both Countries, mainly in the big Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Miami, London, Manchester (to watch a football match).

Both Countries seem fairly intense to get a work visa and with Brexit and Trump, I wonder if they will get more difficult or easier to get into. I’ve heard and read so many conflicting rumours and stories about the yes/no and the do it/don’t do it, and it will be this hard/or that easy etc, but these are the 2 countries in the world I really dream about living in.

I guess with 2 of the top most wanted to emigrate to countries in the world, it’s never going to be easy, but I know thousands have achieved it before me, and will do after me. From what I understand after my research both have limits on the number of work visas available per year, both have a limited number of companies that will sponsor anyone for a work visa. Has anyone had any real experience trying to get an H1B visa for USA or a Tier 2 visa for the UK? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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