The USA is still the number ONE immigration destination in the world – for now.

USA number One for Immigration

With over one-fifth of all global immigrants wanting to move to the USA annually, according to a recent US census study, the “land of opportunity” still sits at the Top spot.

The downside to that is extreme competition, and, the second downside is low annual limits and availability of the number of skilled visas like the H1B visa, which makes it even more competitive and challenging. Only the brave, the best, the smartest, and the most determined make it to the finish line.

With all of those others chasing the “American Dream”, it can be a struggle and often a long journey, but remember that hundreds of thousands of people do succeed through one of the US immigration visa programs each year. And in spite of stalled immigration reform, the US is still one of the most diverse countries on earth and one of the best places to come. Just don’t try coming in illegally, especially with President Trump in power and on a mission to hunt down and kick out illegals.

With widespread concerns about the future of the USA with President Trump in power – will the USA still be Number One at the end of 2017 ?… or will their be a new land of opportunity that rises to the Top spot?

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