My family and I are looking to move to Singapore

I’ve got a job transfer opportunity to go and emigrate to Singapore for a couple of years and would love to hear any experiences or insider info about what it’s like to live there.

Our move to Singapore is planned for the next few months but we haven’t found a place to stay yet and if anyone has been there and could share a few of the pros and cons and what to look out for; as my wife and 6 years old daughter will be making the move with me.

Thanks in advance for any tips and advice, or any good safe places to stay, especially areas with good schools for my duaghter.
Cheers, Paul

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    Paul 1 year ago

    Hi Samantha, I’ve since decided to postpone the move to Singapore. It was a great opportunity but my employer wanted a 3 year commitment and although it’s an amazing place it’s personally not my #1 choice to move to.

    My #1 dream is set on the USA in California, and #2 is London England or somewhere in the UK. After a lot of thought I don’t want wake up everyday in Singapore regretting my choice, especially after uprooting my wife and child from their lives.

    Life’s too short, so for now I’m continuing on my mission to get out to sunny California!

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    Samantha Shaw 1 year ago

    Singapore has been one of the places on my bucketlist for a while.

    My husbands brother emigrated there and spent a few years there and he loved it. although he said it is VERY expensive. He was lucky as his work visa was all pre-arranged through the Company he had already been working for in a different Country.

    I’d love to hear how you get on so please keep us updated on your journey to get there and what you think of living and working there. Cheers!

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