Italy – la dolce vita!

 “The sweet life” is truly sweet in beautiful and vibrant Italy.

Whether you’re looking to emigrate, retire or plan an adventure in Europe, Italy should be somewhere on your bucketlist of places to visit.
Italy has a sprinkle of everything; historic Cities, dramatic coastlines and beaches, unspoiled countryside, great climate, delicious food and wine, excitable people with a true zest for life, who are friendly and welcoming.

Italy provides a simpler and slower way of live where the culture prioritizes family, friends fun and happiness over work. And Italy offers a surprizingly affordable lifestyle compared to many other Countries.

Having traveled to Italy quite a few times and lived there for a few months, it’s definitely a better and more enjoyable overall experience when you “
learn the lingo” and communicate with the locals at some level. You can get some pretty good car rental deals to drive around, or one of the best things I did was take a relaxing train ride to take in all the scenic beauty of Italy at your own pace. 

There’s also a variety of immigration visas for travel, study, work, retirement which makes it possible for those who dream of living out the fantasy Italian lifestyle, a real possibility and opportunity.  

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