Is the Shock of the USA Election Causing a Mass Exodus? – Where are people going?

Move to Canada


As ‘Trump Won’ – the Canadian Immigration website crashed.

A spokeswoman for Immigration and Citizenship Canada, said that the website had become “temporarily inaccessible to users as a result of a significant increase in the volume of traffic.” And a mass amount of that increased web traffic was reportedly from USA based IP addresses.

The shock results and wide-spread concern over the U.S. Presidential Election left a lot of people very disappointed, who are now seriously considering their options to go emigrate and start a new future abroad.

This real fear and concern about the future of America under President Trumps’ reign looks like it could potentially lead to the biggest emigration levels out of the USA, to escape the so-called madness and discover a new and better life abroad.

Canadian Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are great popular options for Americans that don’t want to venture too far (or anyone who wants to emigrate to Canada), but many people are also considering other top destinations in the World which many are gaining fast and growing popularity due to their high quality of life

In addition to Canada, some of the top ranked and popular Cities and Countries include:

Vienna, Austria
Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland
Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand
Munich and Frankfurt, Germany
Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Copenhagen, Denmark
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Stockholm, Sweden
Brussels, Belgium
London, England

In fact according to many recent reports Western Europe is gaining popularity and ranking dominance for people around the World looking for a new adventure and better future.

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    Simon 1 year ago

    hmmm… so with loads of Americans wanting to leave the USA and go somewhere else like Canada, I guess the bright side for someone like me who really wants to move to the USA is … they’ll be leaving their jobs which creates more and better opportunities for me 🙂 and many other people who want the chance to live and work in the USA!

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