The Best Ranked Country for \”Quality of Life\”

Germany High Quality of Life


Most people naturally like adventure and excitement in their lives, and trends over the last few years show a steady rise in the number of people who are making the move and going on an adventure to live and travel abroad. Thinking of moving to Europe ? Germany could be the best place to move to according to many reports.

There’s a number of research reports for various aspects about “the best place to Go for this and the best for that”, but one of the top and most important factors people consistently look for is a better “quality of life”

Germany has been rising to the top in that category with Munich, and Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt, and Berlin – all 4 are ranked in the top 15 Global cities according to the latest Mercer report (in comparison the USA and the UK don’t have any Cities ranked in the top 20).

Germany is also one of the largest economies in the world, and ranks highly for entrepreneurship, and ranks highly for job growth and career advancement.

Another attraction with moving to Germany is that it borders 9 European countries (Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) which makes it the perfect central place if you want to travel and adventure around Europe fairly easily and inexpensively, especially by train where you can sit back and leisurely take it all in.

Having traveled around Europe to Countries like Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Scotland, England, and having also traveled around the USA – one of the biggest differences in lifestyles is not just that European cultures and history are very different to the USA, but in Europe I found their main lifestyle focus is “to live”, whereas I find the USA is more “to work”.

I remember when Brad Pitt summed it up and said “The USA is not a Country, it’s a business”. I can’t remember the quote word for word but I think you get what he means. Having lived in the USA for a while I agree that does feel like one big money making business and marketing machine; which is why it’s grown to be such a global powerhouse in it’s short history.

For those that are looking for an adventure to Europe in their lives, a move to Germany could be a great place if you want a better quality of life, and a good central hub for travelling around other European Countries.

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