7 States in USA have NO Income Tax

usa states no income tax

I’ve been doing a LOT of in-depth research on the USA as I really want to emigrate there, and I found out that 7 States have zero (yeh, zero!!) income tax.

At first I assumed that “it’s the USA”, it’s going to be the same Tax anywhere I live and work in the USA.

I was wrong, and did not realize that there’s 2 totally different tax systems:

1) Federal Tax – which everyone has to pay no matter where you live in the USA
2) State Tax – which varies greatly depending on which State you live in and are a resident of.

Each State is kind of individually Governed and controlled and they all have their own State tax systems.

There are 7 States that do NOT have any Income Tax, so you do not get taxed on your salary or earnings:

South Dakota

Personally, I want to live and work in LA or San Fran in California as I really love the vibrant, dynamic and multi-cultural lifestyles of those 2 Cities, but for anyone who wants to live and work in any of the above 7 States, you can save a lot of money with no income tax to be paid.

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